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 Life Coaching Services

A woman hiking in the forest, looking up at a mountain with a blue sky. She is wearing a black coat, a red hat, and a yellow and black backpack. She appears to be feeling better after working with a life coach and recovery support companion to address her struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Mental Health Coaching to Support Your life's Journey  

There's nothing more empowering and freeing, than experiencing "change" occur from within, which is the only place where real change occurs anyway.  Its that moment when you finally discover what kept you stuck, what held you back from making that change, or accomplishing that goal that seems so easy for others but impossible for you. It makes sense too, when you uncover the cause, the reason, which is not only validating but quite interesting as we interpret through our natural human systems which comprise the method.  No labels, just practical and compassionate understanding as you learn the intelligence of our original design.  

So, that's the goal of our work together, no matter what you bring to the table to work on or explore. Big problems, small problems, goals of all sorts, frustrating behaviors, even trauma you may be aware of, (trauma defined as an "unwanted and overwhelming" experience, thank you Dr. Lukens, the developer of one of the systems), and that includes big T's or little t's because while its a daunting term, we don't get through life without some experience of it. And if you've suffered from addiction or alcoholism, you're up close and personal with some of the worst human suffering there is, which this method has the potential to make the most immediate impact to.  Regardless of where ever you are on your journey, you cannot be but rewarded for this work. 


                                                                            How We Begin

Once we settle in together and you're comfortable, having had the time to share your personal circumstances and difficulties, or are leaning into your own advancement through deeper exploration, we establish the goals you'd like to accomplish together. You will set the pace as we begin to explore. One of the most interesting areas, which we review early on, is the beauty of how our natural defenses work. As you come to understand the subtleties of our defenses as a natural human response which protects us, sometimes stepping in automatically, for those times of "unwanted and overwhelmed", and other times when we choose them.  Facinating they are and they will serve as your gateway to considerable self discovery, resolution and freedom. 

And so it goes, as you explore and relate the natural human developmental processes which shape who you are today and show you the natural path to letting go of what no longer serves you. Our human systems are magnificent in their design, not just in their adaptive and protective nature but in their corrective and restorative pull to bring us back into balance and well being.

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If you are struggling financially, I may be able to provide support through scaling (discounting), payment plans or scholarship.  Just reach out to me and we'll see how we can get you started. 

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