Meet Kathie

I really do love my work - my perfect role in your chain of support, as your Recovery Compaion.  I support women of all ages to find freedom - real freedom, from alcoholism, addiction or help them through a difficult period in their life.  Regardless of cause or circumstance, I help my clients develop new awareness and skills to successfully navigate the desired changes in their lives for healing and personal growth.  We heal from the inside out. This is the territory I love and no matter what challenges your life may present, we will walk through them together.

Sober Companions were known to so few, when I entered recovery, 30+ years ago.  Treatment centers, let alone the availability of Concierge services, were a mere shadow of what they are today.  It's not easy to articulate what the experience of the last three decades, and the exposure to such a wide range of healing modalities and recovery practices has given me, but its Grace.  What I know today, is that while we are all complex beings, we are also innately designed for self-correction - we just need the right help getting untangled, sometimes a lot of help.

I have been fortunate to work with, be trained by and aligned with some of the industry's most effective and leading edge addiction recovery and mental health professionals.  What I hope to offer you through my particular expertise, as I work in coordination with your professionals, is the straightest line to the successful "living" of your recovery program - the one which most effectively works for you - the one which really fits. 

Industry Certifications & Training

Dr. Michael Lukens, PhD

Retired Clinical Psychologist

Concierge Addiction & Mental Health Services

Creator of The Physics of Emotioning

Contracted Conciege services to include Sober Companion, Safe Transport, Case Management as well as ongoing training of "The Physics of Emotioning", a unique and innovative system of self understanding and emotional navigation.   

The Addictions Academy

Concierge Addiction Services for

Sober on Demand

The Addictions Coach

  • ​Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Business Experience

Life & Recovery Support Services  2017 - present

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

& travel throughout the US

Providing personal addiction recovery and mental health concierge services to include Sober Companion, safe transport, case management, intervention support and non-medical drug testing for private families and individuals. 

Craigs on the Table Catering, Inc    1994-2010

Newport Beach, CA  92663

Co-founder of one of Southern California's premier special event caterers. Served as director of sales, marketing & finance, leading a 50+ employee company to $38 million in lifetime sales.

Private Family Support Services   2014-2018

Palm Beach, Florida

Supporting services for private families and individuals in their homes, businesses and personal lives.  

Independent Professionals & Specialty Providers

I work with an array of industry professionals and companies providing Recovery Services offering the highest quality care with the greatest discretion.

                     Bonded & Insured​    

           Travel anywhere within the US

All Recovery & Healing modalities honored  

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