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Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion, sits on a brown leather couch, dressed in a blue dress, ready to help her clients. Her unique method takes emotions into account, as she helps her clients with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Meet Kathie

I genuinely love my work today, helping people of all ages, learn and participate in a process that allows them to find solutions to their own personal challenges, big or small.  Or to support those who are leaning into their own growth and advancement.  Regardless of wherever you are on your life's journey today, whatever difficulty you may be going through, from the pains of addiction, the uncertainty of life's transitions or just goals you want to achieve, it's my pleasure to guide you through an inner exploration to find the answers which only you hold.    

I also understand how difficult it can be to de-code the process of self-understanding from the clinical and scientific language of today.  Of all the skills, education and training we embark upon in our life, the most important skill of all, that of self understanding, which holds the potential to empower us in every area of our lives, has eluded us.   

Thus, the essence and purpose of my work and specifically, the unique method I use today.  This method is designed for all of us. For all of those, who like myself, simply wanted to understand what was going on inside of me.  How does one find themselves so far down a path, they never would have chosen, but seem to insist upon.  How does one get here?  I wanted to know the why and how of it. I wanted to understand, not just get a clinical diagnosis, which is a feat all its own, to understand and quite frankly, never made me feel anything but worse about myself.  30+ years later, those questions have been answered, and way beyond what I ever imagined.   


This unique method, which primarily combines 2 whole and complete systems, one very old and one very new, neither of which I designed but I eventually found as a result of my 30+ year, mostly personal but ultimately professional exploration and study into healing and human behavior. Talk about a gauntlet, it seriously took that long to get the answers, albeit while living a pretty full life and proving it all out in real time, what worked and what didn't.  And why it worked for some and not others. What I ultimately found, checked all the boxes, is natural, organic and universal, meaning we all share in the same operating systems of cause and correction. As is the brilliance of our natural design, it also honors each of us in our own unique background, experiences and expression.  


And while I hold multiple, private industry certifications and specialized and ongoing training from the most brilliant professionals in their fields, my real classroom has been my life experience. What was born from some of life's most difficult circumstances and experiences, (and sadly, common to so many), evolved over decades of natural healing exploration, and the application of, because I tested everything. I proved everything "experientially", the true form of "evidence-based" science.  And so can you.

I had a lot to work with which means I can speak to and for those who have suffered deeply, from both the study of and personal experience of what the cause, symptoms and healing process, looks and feels like.  I share openly about the expressions and subtilties of emotional suffering, that often lie at the root of and translate into the "disorders" and "conditions", the basis of our diagnostic model today. 


That will make some uneasy and I'm sure a few of those labels will be thrown my way, in the process as well.  I do this that those who suffer in silence, because we've left little room for humans to be human without getting pinned with a label, will know that I know, from the jewel of experience, as I call it, not from a book. And I will do my very best to share this method, every way that I can with all those who would try it!


Specialty Certification & Training

Dr. Michael Lukens, PhD

Developer of The Physics of Emotion(ing)

  • Coach Certification in The PoE Model

  • Ongoing Advanced Training & Supervision

  • Support the Introduction, Education and Application of the Physics of Emotion(ing) Model both independently, in various levels of application within my Coaching Method and with Dr. Lukens team of Coaches. 

Industry Certification & Training

   CCAR Certification

  • Certified Recovery Coach

   The Addictions Academy 

  • Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional​


Life Coaching Services

Online or In Person, Hourly, Part time focused work, Intensives 

Sober Companion & Recovery Coach Services

In Person full time with transition to part time and online option


Concierge In-Home or Hospital Detox

Treatment Facility Placement

Intervention Services

Additional Concierge Services upon request

A stylized image of a blue lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The image may represent the guidance and support provided by Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion and the owner of "Life and Recovery Support Services" as the blue lotus represents the idea of growth and transformation in a serene and peaceful way, particularly addressing addiction, anxiety, and depression issues.
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