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I really do love my work - helping women of all ages find real freedom, from alcoholism and addiction, or those who need additional personal support through a difficult period in their lives.  As a Recovery Companion, I support women through the difficult early stages of recovery caused by relapse or during the vulnerable transition from treatment center to the actual "living their recovery", at home.  Together, we walk through their daily routines, responsibilities and relationship challenges, amidst all the triggers and obstacles as they present, to help make better choices in real time. Regardless of the challenges at hand, I will serve as a personal support, advocate and safety net with the single goal of helping you successfully navigate back to well-being in every area of your life.

Sober Companions were known to so few, when I entered recovery, 30+ years ago.  And treatment centers, let alone the availability of Concierge services, were a mere shadow of what they are today.  It's not easy to articulate what the experience of the last three decades in such a wide range of healing recovery practices has given me, but its grace. So, what I know today, is that while we are all complex beings, we are also innately designed for self-correction - we just need help getting untangled, sometimes a lot of help.  


I have been fortunate to work with, be trained by and aligned with some of the industry's most effective addiction recovery professionals.  What that can equate to for you is a straighter line in your process of discovery and healing - creating a recovery program that is designed to work uniquely for you.

And so, I share the hope and promise of what is on the other side of the pains of addiction - that which you do not yet know or perhaps have just seen a glimpse of.  No matter what stage of recovery you are in or what difficulties you have had - your path to freedom from addiction awaits you. 

Industry Certifications & Training

Dr. Michael Lukens, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Personally trained by Dr. Michael Lukens, a highly respected and effective industry veteran who has served as clinical director to some of south florida's prominent recovery programs. He is founder of, an innovative system to navigate the pathways of self understanding and achieve permanent recovery, based on his theory in the upcoming publication of  "The Physics of Emotioning...".   

Business Experience

Life & Recovery Support Services  

Providing personal addiction recovery and wellness concierge services to private family and high profile individuals during challenging periods or times of transition. 

Private Family Support Services   2014-2017

Spporting private families and individuals in their homes, businesses and personal lives.  

Craigs on the Table Catering, Inc    1994-2010

Newport Beach, CA  92663

Co-founder of one of Southern California's premier special event caterers. Served as director of sales, marketing & finance, leading a 50+ employee company to $38 million in lifetime sales.

Concierge Addiction Services

Sober on Demand

The Addictions Coach

  • ​Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

I work with an array of industry professionals and companies providing Concierge Recovery Services offering the highest quality care with the greatest discretion.

Life, Hobbies & Interests

Married to Craig, partner of 35 years and devoted mother to two beautiful daughters.

Hobbies include yoga & meditation, staying fit, the beach, snow boarding or scuba diving when I can, and some tomboy sports.

I enjoy learning - I'm the eternal student but mindful of the sources! I enjoy spiritual exploration, economics and financial markets but live from my heart.  I love my Labrador, wont talk politics but will talk about recovery and inner wellness anytime!

                     Bonded & Insured​    

           Travel anywhere within the US

All Recovery & Healing modalities honored  

Kathie OremusNCSC, NCRC


(561) 485-9010   


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