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Working with Professionals 
Concierge Companion & Coaching Services

Concierge Services

No better level of care can accomodate a private and busy family than the integrated conciege services of a Professional Recovery Team. My role as a Recovery Companion, when joining a trusted Team or Independant professional - is to provide the full time and specialized care for the one most in need, while allowing the family to recieve the support they so often need as well. 

A group of people in an office setting are engaged in a discussion, gesturing animatedly as they talk. They appear to be discussing the benefits of working with a life coach and recovery support companion, specifically how it can improve well-being, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression and help deal with personal or professional challenges.

The impact and consequences of alcoholism or addiction of one member of the family, is often magnified with the increased reponsibilities and challenges of the Private Family, which may also be high profile in nature. Providing the full-time, one-on-one care for the family member in recovery often serves as a catalyst to restoring stability to the home and family as a whole.


I enjoy the personal nature of Companion work and respect the boundries and privacy of every client and their families as they take on such an important challenge. I am receptive to their cues as they allow me into the personal space of their home and lives.  I am inuitive and adaptive to the changes that arise, always holding a confidence in their ultimate success.  As well, I serve as the full time support to the Team and Professionals that they may provide the best possible treatment outcomes for each and every client. 


Having an accomplished personal resume with strong business, family, marriage, children, and managing personal affairs, I am comfortable at all levels of private family support and engaging their home and professional staff to accomplish whatever task is at hand. 

With 30+ years in recovery and multiple private industry certifications and specialized training in Addicition, I am available to support the Intervention process, Safe Transport, or Case Management as needed.

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