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Sober Companion Services

Two women are strolling on a sunny wooden boardwalk by a beach, radiating contentment and relaxation in their body language. They have evidently improved after receiving guidance and support from a life coach and recovery support companion to overcome their struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

 Specializing in Alcoholism & Addiction Recovery
    with a Unique Approach to Relapse Prevention


Companion to Coaching Programs
for your quickest advancement into
long term recovery

"I believe there is no greater accomplishment one can achieve in their life than to overcome addiction... a place from which, yet unknown possibilities arise." anonymous.  I believe that quote, with all my heart.  I know because I traveled it. 


I also know how incredibly difficult it can be for someone to gain their footing in recovery, no matter how hard they try or how many times they begin again.  The system is disconnected and difficult to navigate, to say the least. Addiction now encompasses the world of both street drugs and legally prescribed drugs, and the occurrence of relapse, long term and repeated relapse, is at an unacceptable level. That's not recovery.  There lies the purpose of my work today, seemingly against all odds at times, but I've been studying it, for decades now.

Today, I offer an alternative approach, one which can be added to your existing program, and serves as a powerful and self-generated relapse prevention tool.  It's highly innovative, completely natural and is quite simple to apply, once learned. I know from testing, training and proving it experientially myself, (the best form of "evidence based"), just why relapse happens and when - and so can you. That makes relapse preventable and relapse is the only thing standing in your way to having the chance to create a life free from alcoholism and addiction, once and for all. 

y own recovery, learning far more from what didn't work than what did. It became a personal passion of mine, long after Recovery can be incredibly difficult, for good reasons but ones not often addressed and particularly at specific junctures and stages.  Affording yourself the support of a skilled and seasoned Companion (learn how to qualify and compare them), provides you with strongest level of care, precisely when its needed most.  


It is also precisely where you can make your greatest progress as we build your support structure, one strong enough to carry you successfully through the most difficult, early stage of the recovery process.  The stage where most relapse occurs and the stage you must successfully move through, in order to live the rewards of a life free from addiction, once and for all.

How We Work Together

We start with Companion support, I live with you, in your home or wherever you like.  Your home is best because that's where you must succeed in your recovery.  No matter what you've learned in your Treatment center, no matter how much progress you've made and many do with the quality of Treatment centers available today but in the end, you have to live that recovery plan at home.  Its no wonder relapse is so prevalent.  Its where all your triggers and obstacles to change are, so that's where you will make your greatest progress.


Together, we walk through your day in all its responsibilities and tackle each challenge together as you will learn new skills of self awareness and a new approach to self understanding. You will have tried on new practices, new routines, and we'll have begun to bring definition as to what must change in your life and what you'd like it to look like.  Most importantly, you will gain an understanding of what took you down the path of addiction and what will secure your path out - once and for all.  We will essentially build a support structure around you in your new life or perhaps you want to keep the one you had, it matters not. 


10 days is ideally minimal.  You may extend longer as needed.  Then, once you've established a level of confidence in your growing abilities and are comfortable in your new practices, we transition to part time live or go to part-time online support.  You see, after 10 days together, or even a week, we will know each other better than you know  

                                    A Sampling of Daily Support Provided

   * Schedule and coordinate your follow up medical and therapeutic appointments and keep you on schedule.

   * Create and maintain a home environment conducive to your wellbeing and recovery.

   * Help maintain medication schedules and support home medical providers as needed.

   * Support you with your personal and home daily tasks as helpful.
   * Provide transport as your travel companion as needed. 

   * Provide timely & accurate progress reporting to your Team and advocate for appropriate changes to your care. 
   * Outline and help you implement the steps required to achieve desired goals. 
   * Support the continued inquiry and self discovery for desired lifestyle and behavioral changes.



A stylized image of a blue lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The image may represent the guidance and support provided by Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion and the owner of "Life and Recovery Support Services" as the blue lotus represents the idea of growth and transformation in a serene and peaceful way, particularly addressing addiction, anxiety, and depression issues.
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