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Sober Companion Services


Your Greatest Support - Where and When You Need it Most.

 Sober Companion Support 

There's just nothing more effective than the personal, one on one support of a skilled and seasoned Sober (or Recovery) Companion to help you anchor yourself firmly in your recovery program.  I have the deepest compassion for anyone who finds themselves down that ugly path. I know, I traveled it and somehow found my way out, part grit, part grace, over 30 years ago.  What I know about addiction and recovery today is light years from what we knew back then.  Today, I have a very clear understanding of just why it can be so difficult for someone to gain their footing in recovery, no matter how hard they try or how many times they begin again.  Make no mistake though, a life free from addiction, of any kind, lived fully in all its rewards, is absolutely possible today. 

To be clear, early stage recovery is the most difficult in the recovery process. It's where the most relapse occurs, and understandably, considering its precisely when one is required to make an enormous amount of change and in every area of their lives. It's also when they are the most vulnerable, as they leave the protected environment of their treatment center or detox to go back home, right back into their life's routines and relationships where the natural and inevitable obstacles and triggers will arise. Relocating or starting fresh, as many do is helpful for sure but you still have to live your life, where ever you are and that's done from the inside out, so that's the work we do. 


Without the strong enough support of a skilled Companion, (subscribe to receive my blog on how to choose your Companion), many do not advance out of this difficult stage and find themselves in a cycle of repeated relapse,  sometimes for many years, even decades, in spite of their (and their families) deep commitment and genuine desire to succeed.  However difficult that is to hear, its even more painful to witness and specifically, it's why I do what I do today. 


There is another way - a means, a method, a tool to greatly reduce and ultimately eliminate relapse.  Its completely natural, under the complete control of the one in recovery and can be applied to any treatment plan underway.  It took me almost 30 years to find it, another 6 to study, train and prove it.  Its much more than a relapse prevention tool, it will be a way of life with enormous benefit to anyone who applies it but it holds the greatest and most immediate impact to those suffering from addiction. 


You see, relapse is the one thing that keeps you from ever moving out of that most difficult stage of early recovery and planting your roots in a life you can now build and create for yourself. 


Lets make that early stage exactly where you make your greatest progress.

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