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Sober Companion Services

Two women are strolling on a sunny wooden boardwalk by a beach, radiating contentment and relaxation in their body language. They have evidently improved after receiving guidance and support from a life coach and recovery support companion to overcome their struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Your Greatest Support - Where and When You Need it Most.

 Sober or Recovery Companion Support 

There's just nothing as valuable as the personal, one on one, support of a seasoned and skilled Sober or Recovery Companion.  I love it because I have the deepest compassion and a very clear understanding of just why it can be so difficult for someone to gain their footing in recovery, no matter how hard they try or how many times they begin again. Make no mistake though, truly enduring recovery, in all its life changing rewards is absolutely possible.


Early stage recovery is the most difficult of all. It's where the most relapse occurs, and not surprising, considering its precisely when one is required to make an enormous amount of change and in every area of their lives. It's also when one is the most vulnerable, as they leave the protected environment of their treatment center or detox to transition back into their lives, begin a new one or are starting again after relapse.  As a result, many never successfully develop the necessary skills and stability to advance from this difficult stage and end up cycling repeatedly through the system, in spite of their (and their families) deep commitment and genuine desire to succeed. That's just not recovery but there is a way through. I know because I've been studying it, for decades now. 


There is an alternative approach, which holds the potential to significantly reduce relapse during this early stage. One which can be applied to almost any existing treatment program underway.  It's completely natural, quite simple to apply for most and will serve as a self-generated relapse prevention tool, once learned. I know from testing, training and proving it experientially myself, (my preferred form of "evidence based"). It just took time to find. 


That makes the most difficult stage during the most vulnerable time, exactly where you can make your greatest progress, and the truth is, you must, if you are to ever achieve a life free from addiction, in all its sought after rewards, once and for all.  And here lies the real value of a seasoned and skilled Companion. There are many who should not go home alone. This vital aftercare is just not built into the system.


So, this is the work we do together, as we build a support structure around you, one based on the starting point of where you are and the life you live today because that is your proving ground. Together, we create a framework of support in your life, one built from your greatest vulnerabilities. You will learn new skills of how to navigate yourself from the inside out, develop new awareness's, create new habits, try on new practices and experiment with all of it as we find what fits and what doesn't for you.  We learn suffered relapse either, we will learn from all it. 


We all have to go home at some point and be with ourselves. You just don't have to do it alone.     

Affording yourself the support of a skilled and seasoned Companion (learn how to qualify and compare them), provides you with strongest level of care, precisely when its needed most.  

                                    A Sampling of Daily Support Provided

   * Schedule and coordinate your follow up medical and therapeutic appointments and keep you on schedule.

   * Create and maintain a home environment conducive to your wellbeing and recovery.

   * Help maintain medication schedules and support home medical providers as needed.

   * Support you with your personal and home daily tasks as helpful.
   * Provide transport as your travel companion as needed. 

   * Provide timely & accurate progress reporting to your Team and advocate for appropriate changes.  
   * Outline and help you implement the steps required to achieve desired goals. 
   * Support the continued inquiry and self discovery for desired lifestyle and behavioral changes.

A stylized image of a blue lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The image may represent the guidance and support provided by Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion and the owner of "Life and Recovery Support Services" as the blue lotus represents the idea of growth and transformation in a serene and peaceful way, particularly addressing addiction, anxiety, and depression issues.
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