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I believe there is no greater accomplishment in one’s life than to overcome addiction – a place from which endless possibilities will arise...

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Kathie Oremus Sober Companion Recovery Services

The Personal Aspect of Healing

Connection, compassion, being heard and understood, as you work through a major life change or personal crisis, is no better provided than through the specialized care and presence of another.  We are in unprecedented times - with isolation magnifying every human difficulty.  And while technology - facetime, zoom and telehealth appointments - has provided us with valueable and necessary services, it can never fulfil our universal need for human contact- especially during emotionally stressful times. 


With hope, now on the horizon, we can begin to join again - beyond our family circles and engage the full or part-time care of a Recovery Companion.  Together, we will walk through your day, meeting every task and challenge with the sole priority of restoring your health, in every way, as you find your footing in your life, once again or perhaps, begin anew. 


We have all been tested - in ways we could not have anticipated and at times, stretched beyond what we felt we could handle.  But now, with the right protections in place, you dont have to do it alone any longer or rely on tomorrows online appointment, hoping to find the answers and support you are looking for now.  Together, so much is made easier than we can accomplish alone.    

Recovery Companion Support – The missing link.

Private families and high profile individuals have been engaging Sober Companions for years.  Recognized as one of the most effective aftercare services available today, your Sober or Recovery Companion serves as a valuable safety net as you make the critical transition from the protection and support of your treatment center or medical care and re-integrate back into your life.  Engaging the specialized care of a skilled Companion can make all the difference in successfully implementing the numerous and often difficult changes necessary to anchor yourself in your recovery program.  Your Companion will serve as the link to your continued progress.  She will keep you on schedule with the recommended follow-up services, maintain up to date feedback with your medical and clinical professionals, and serve as your ally and advocate to ensure the most efficient and effective path to your return to wellness and recovery.  


With the experience gained from 30+ years in recovery, multiple certifications and the insights earned from working with some of the industrys most effective professionals, Kathie's seasoned and compassionate manner will quickly gain your confidence and trust, and the confidence of your family and professional team as well.  Always discrete, and under the guise of your personal or family assistant, Kathie will support you, in the single goal of restoring you to health and securing you on the path to a full and purposeful life.




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