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Kathie Oremus

I believe there is no greater accomplishment in one’s life than to overcome addiction – a place from which endless possibilities will arise...

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Be Hopeful

There is great hope today for anyone who finds themselves bound by addiction, no matter how they got there.  No one ever intends to walk that path.  The journey out and back to well being is not done alone.  This new direction, once begun, will afford, not only freedom from addiction, but a foundation from which to live a life filled with peace of mind and personal happiness - a life filled with purpose and passion, if you would dare.   

Today, more than ever before, we are innovating and continuing to push the outer edges of understanding how addiction is not only treated but defined.  You will now benefit from the greatest advancements in science based therapies, sophisticated Treatment Center programs, and specialized services – all of which are designed to move you though detox and early stage recovery with greater ease.  All designed to better accommodate your successful follow through as you create a new way of life - a life filled with yet unknown possibilities.

So, be really hopeful and commit yourself to the promise of recovery.  It's real.  You just have to say yes.  

Sober Companion Support – The missing link.

Private families and high profile individuals have been engaging Sober Companions for years.  Recognized as one of the most effective aftercare services available today, your Sober Companion serves as a valuable safety net as you make the critical transition back home or perhaps, are beginning again.  Whether you are leaving the protected environment of a Treatment Center or you have experienced relapse, yet unable to sustain yourself in recovery, the support of a trained and experienced Sober Companion can often make all the difference in your success.  Affording yourself the personal guidance of a skilled Companion can be the missing link to successfully implementing the many and sometimes difficult changes necessary in early recovery.  With full time support, you can move, not only more effectively but more efficiently through the critical early stage of recovery, boosting your confidence and motivation to stay the course and secure yourself in your new way of life.  Always discrete, and under the guise of a personal or family assistant, trainer or friend, Kathie will support you, in every way, towards the goal of anchoring you in your recovery program and on the path to a full and purposeful life.  

With the experience garnered from 30+ years in recovery, multiple certifications and the insights earned from working side by side with so many in the recovery industry, both personally and professionally, Kathie's seasoned and compassionate manner will quickly gain the confidence of those she works with, their families and their professional teams. 

A sampling of benefits applied to every aspect of your personal, home, and professional life. 


   * Smoother transition back into your living environments.

   * Strong, real time, relapse prevention.

   * Quicker re-engagement of professional and personal responsibilities.
   * More successful implementation of recommended routines and practices.
   * Timely appointment scheduling and follow through for medical & therapeutic aftercare services.
   * More closely monitored medication responses and doctor communication.

   * Objective progress evaluation and advocacy for appropriate changes if needed. 



Kathie OremusNCSC, NCRC


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