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Life & Recovery Support Services

Using a Unique and Alternative Method for
Understanding and Navigating Your Mental Health. 

Coaching & Companion Services 

Two women sitting at a table facing each other, having a conversation. The woman on the left, who is a life coach and recovery support companion, is offering guidance and support to the woman on the right as she works towards self-improvement and healing, particularly addressing her anxiety and depression.

Coaching Support on
Your Life's Journey

Personal Growth & Improvement
Changing Behaviors & Habits
Improving Relationship Skills
Help with Anxiety & Depression 
Spiritual Inquiry

A woman sits on a staircase with her back facing the camera, appearing deep in thought and possibly struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety related to transitions and events in her life. She is seeking help from a life coach and recovery support companion.

Companion & Coaching for
Life's Difficult Transitions 

Addiction Recovery
Divorce or Loss,
Empty Nesting or Retirement

Spiritual Exploration or
Plant Medicine Journey Support

A group of people in an office setting are engaged in a discussion, gesturing animatedly as they talk. They appear to be discussing the benefits of working with a life coach and recovery support companion, specifically how it can improve well-being, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression and help deal with personal or professional challenges.

Working with Professional Teams & Concierge Services 

Providing Private Families & Individuals Concierge and Case Management Services for
Addiction Recovery &
Mental Health  

Coaching Style HP
Learning how to create real change in yourself and your life,

An Alternative Mental Health Approach

Why can't I make this change?    I don't understand why I still feel this way.    What's wrong with me?

Nothing's wrong with you. You're human and as humans, we're complex beings and can get ourselves tied into some pretty big "knots".  In that very same complexity, however, also lies the brilliance of the most advanced human systems, perfectly designed and seamlessly integrated, purely for our survival, healing, growth, and advancement.  It's helpful to remember that we didn't design our human systems though, we've studied them through time, in our natural desire to grow, heal what goes amiss and thrive.          

So, why is "change" so difficult for us? Not the fleeting results we get from forced change, but real and lasting change of very specific behaviors - behaviors we've tried every possible way to either get rid of or adopt, with no lasting success. Or the even more elusive, change the way we "feel" - naturally.  I also understand that we can only do our best with what we know until we know more and today, we know a lot more but we don't always apply it. 

​Thanks to advancements in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Epigenetics, the growing applications of Bioenergetics and new studies in the areas of Emotion and Consciousness, to name only a few, we're continually increasing our knowledge of the human systems which we know today, influence and actively shape our mental health. That's producing promising new and alternative healing solutions in the desperately needed areas of Mental Health and Addiction. Unfortunately, they are not easy to access or available to everyone.  

Most simply put, our mental health industry is divided into 2 separate studied and practiced areas. One you have easy access to and the other, (aptly named "alternative"), you do not. Fortunately, as a Coach, I've been un-restricted from exploring, studying, working with and being trained in what I've experientially proven to be the very best and most effective systems, from both sides of the industry and by the most brilliant in their fields. And so can you now.


Thus, the purpose of this integrated and parallel path for understanding and navigating your mental health. This practical method, yet impressively comprehensive, draws from both sides of the industry and naturally supports any treatment plan underway.  By interpreting cause through our natural human systems, taking advantage of some of our newest findings, including a long needed framework for understanding our Emotional system, we can reduce our need for pharmaceutically altering our systems that we now have a much better understanding of. 


Termed in plain English and translated into a practical understanding, we can now all begin to participate in the "untangling" of our own knots and advocate for our own wellness and that of our loved ones. Understanding how we all work, from the same natural systems that we all operate from, provides powerful insights into what has made participating in our own mental health, until now, very elusive. 


Great empowerment comes from understanding ourselves from the inside out.

Great compassion comes naturally, from understanding it's how we all work.

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