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Full Life Coaching & Recovery Companion Services

A Unique Coaching & Companion Method

Areas of Support 

Two women sitting at a table facing each other, having a conversation. The woman on the left, who is a life coach and recovery support companion, is offering guidance and support to the woman on the right as she works towards self-improvement and healing, particularly addressing her anxiety and depression.

Life Coach Support for
Your Life's Journey

Personal Growth 
Changing Behaviors and Habits
Relationship Challenges
Help with Anxiety 
Spiritual Inquiry

A woman sits on a staircase with her back facing the camera, appearing deep in thought and possibly struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety related to transitions and events in her life. She is seeking help from a life coach and recovery support companion.

Life Coach & Recovery Companion for Transitions 

Retirement, Divorce or Loss, Addiction Recovery,
Major life Changes - 
Invited or not
Spiritual Exploration 

A group of people in an office setting are engaged in a discussion, gesturing animatedly as they talk. They appear to be discussing the benefits of working with a life coach and recovery support companion, specifically how it can improve well-being, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression and help deal with personal or professional challenges.

Full Concierge or
Additional Services 

Treatment Center Referral, Intervention, Concierge Detox,
Sober Companion &
Recovery Coach Aftercare,
Professional Case Management 

A Unique & Innovative Coaching Method

Coaching Style HP

Why can't I make this change?   I don't understand why I still feel this way.   What's wrong with me?

Nothing's wrong with you. You're human and as humans, we're complex beings and can get ourselves tied into some pretty big knots. In that very same complexity, however, also lies the brilliance of the most advanced human systems, perfectly designed and seamlessly integrated, purely for our survival, healing, growth, and advancement. We didn't design these systems however, we've studied them through time, from ancient teachings to our advanced sciences of today, always seeking a deeper understanding of their magnificent design in our efforts to support and achieve optimal health.

So, why is "change" so difficult for us to create in ourselves? Not just in our small daily failures to accomplish a simple but important task, repeatedly, but in the more important, inability to change a very specific behavior, even addiction - or the even more elusive, change the way we feel - naturally.  We can only do our best with what we know until we know more and thankfully, we know a lot more today but is it accessible?

​Thanks to advancements in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Epigenetics, the growing applications of Bioenergetics (Energy) and new studies in Emotion and even Consciousness, to name just a few, we're continually painting a more comprehensive picture of the contributing influences which shape our “human behavior”.  That's providing new and promising solutions in the desperately needed areas of Mental Health and Addiction. In spite of our best efforts, however, in an industry filled with truly dedicated professionals, the Mental Health system itself remains limited to its original areas of scientific focus, restricting the inclusion of the fullness of what we know today, limiting access to those options.

For that purpose, I offer an inclusive and alternative method, a parallel path to self understanding, healing and personal growth which the average person can understand and participate in, advocating for their own well-being. One which takes full advantage of our collective knowledge, from both the oldest teachings, to our newest discoveries, including a new and long needed system for understanding the function and purpose of our Emotional system. Through the integration of our brilliantly designed natural systems, in their innate healing qualities, with the best applications of our man-made ones, we achieve the greatest benefits from updating our understanding of cause, which expands our range of treatment options and provides a more comprehensive mental health method which reflects the full knowledge of today. 


Termed in plain English and interpreted through the common denominators, from which we universally operate, this method provides great insights into what has caused so much of our human suffering, both individually and collectively. As we recognize the common causes we share in, from our natural design, we will collectively understand the outer symptoms (the labeled disorders) as just that. We can then, all begin to participate in the "untangling" of our knots as we gain great insights into what has made changing our behavior and understanding ourselves, until now, so very elusive.


Great empowerment comes from understanding ourselves from the inside out.

Great compassion comes naturally, from understanding it's how we all work.

A stylized image of a blue lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The image may represent the guidance and support provided by Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion and the owner of "Life and Recovery Support Services" as the blue lotus represents the idea of growth and transformation in a serene and peaceful way, particularly addressing addiction, anxiety, and depression issues.
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