Recovery Companion & Coaching Services

 Live & Virtual Options Available


I love the one-on-one, personal and specialized support I provide as a Sober Companion.  I do so because I have the deepest compassion and understanding of just how difficult it can be to successfully move through early stage recovery.  Its the most difficult stage, and understandibly so, due to the sheer amount of change that one must make, in every area of their life, if they are to gain a foothold in recovery.  It's also where you can make your greatest progress.  Ultimately though, its the stage you must succeed in and advance from, if you are to achieve enduring recovery, in all its rewards.  


As your Companion, I will serve as your guide and your ally in every challenge that presents as you re-engage your life, in all its responsibilities and rountines.  Together, we walk through your day, as the inevitable obstacles and triggers arise in your familiar routines and relationships.  Here is where you can make your most progress as I help you learn to pause and develop new awarenesses, allowing you the ability to make new choices.  With each new choice and better decision that you make, comes the felt success of a changed behavior at its start.  Thats how we change, from the inside out.  And thats the work we will do together. 


Day after day, in the midst of whatever your calendar requires of you, we will practice in whatever area of your life the challenges arise.  Old triggers will fade, relationships will change and begin to improve. Your confidence and committment to your recovery will grow with every success.

So, whether you are just leaving treatment, or beginning again after relapse, and regardless of  background or circumstance, age or demographic, I will support you in every way that I can, in the single greatest change you will ever make, from addiction to recovery and a new way of life.

                                   Live to Virtual (remote) Companion - Step Down

Once you've established a level of confidence in your growing abilities and are comfortable in your new practices, you can maintain your Companion support remotely, through phone, video and text, and custom to your needs. 

                                            Additional Medical & Personal Support Provided

   * Schedule and coordinate your follow up medical and therapeutic appointments and keep you on schedule.

   * Create and maintain a home environment condusive to your wellbeing and recovery.

   * Help maintain medication schedules and support home medical providers as needed.

   * Support you with your personal and home daily tasks as helpful.
   * Provide transport as your travel companion as needed. 

   * Provide timely & accurate progress reporting to your Team and advocate for appropriate changes to your care. 
   * Outline and help you implement the steps required to achieve desired goals. 
   * Support the continued inquiry and self discovery for desired lifestyle and behavioral changes.

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You no longer have to rely on tomorrows online appointment, hoping to find the answers and support you are looking for now.  Together, so much is made easier than we can accomplish alone.