Companion & Coaching Services

So much has been gained and accomplished during your stay in treatment and now its time to go home and apply what you've learned.  Or perhaps you are beginning again.  Engaging the personal support of a Recovery Companion as you re-enter familiar environments and relationships can accelerate your progress in making the necessary changes to unwanted behaviors.  Nothing is more productive in a tense moment as you are triggered by some deeply engrained behavior, than to have the skilled and caring guidance of your Companion keep you present in the moment, so you can choose differently.  Every little victory delivers you immediate results, on the inside, where it counts, and builds your confidence and commitment to your recovery and your new way of life.  

As your Recovery Companion, we walk through situations like that, all day long as we meet the challenge of change in every area of your life and responsibilities. Day after day, you will learn to develop a new awareness for potential pitfalls - all opportunities for better choices which bring better results. I will serve as your advocate and ally in every challenge at hand. Whatever your calendar requires of you, from doctors appointments to family care to re-prioritizing your time for more self care, we walk through the changes together.  

And if you are beginning again after relapse - now more than ever will you benefit from affording yourself the safety net of a Sober Companion.  Do not despair, we will rebuild your recovery program together.  Each one of us is a unique set of complexities and so our programs of recovery will be unique as well.  We will evaluate what has worked for you as well as what hasn't - and we will build from there.  Your re-commitment to your recovery is all that matters.  So, hold your head up and let's begin again. I've seen too much success born from the failure of what didn't work to ever give up.  So don't you either.

Here are a sampling of services offered as we implement your recovery program at home:

Medical/Professional Support Provided:
   * Meet with you (online) while in treatment to become comfortable with your plan for returning home.

   * Meet with you and your professional team before departure to review your aftercare plan.
   * Provide safe transport as your travel companion home, adding an extra layer of personal contact protection.
   * Schedule and coordinate your follow up medical and therapeutic appointments and keep you on schedule.
   * Help maintain medication schedules and stay in contact with doctors or additional support providers needed.

   * Support your progress and advocate for any appropriate changes to your aftercare plan. 
Personal Recovery Support Provided:
   *  Support you in your daily personal and family responsibilities while you re-engage your life with new proprieties.

   *  Help you develop new levels of self awareness and identify opportunities for new choices in your daily routines.

   *  Provide support for any professional or business tasks appropriate.
   *  Outline and help you implement the steps required to achieve desired goals. 
   *  Support the continued inquiry and self discovery for desired lifestyle and behavioral changes.
   *  Establish balance and priority of daily routines through time management.