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What the heck is "Emotioning"?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Its not that anyone would actually deny that they have emotions & feelings, its just that we’ve not had any framework to organize them and better explore them, how they work and what the heck is the purpose of them anyway?

Now we do. With a small shift in the priority of the whole “thinking / feeling” relationship – we will go light years in self understanding. Now, we can integrate and explore the dance between our mental AND emotional systems – which we all know is at the very root of all human behavioral health , we were simply flying with only one engine, so to speak! And its amazing how well we adapted to that, although we might have taken it alittle too far.

We can only work with what we know at any given until we know more. Finally, the silent but driving partner in all that motivates human behavior can finally be understood in its purpose and relationship to thought.

We simply didn’t have an organized structure from which to understand how we work on an emotional level – they have been recognized as almost random interferences to our “mental health”, which we then understandably, have tried to manipulate, medicate to sedate or otherwise, control the influence of - thus the overreach.


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