Recovery Companion & Coach

The transition from treatment center or detox back into your living environment is one of the most vulnerable times in your recovery process. Engaging the support of a full-time Recovery Companion is one of the most effective aftercare services available to help you anchor yourself successfully in recovery. As your Recovery Companion, Kathie will guide you as you re-integrate back into your daily routines and responsibilities. Kathie will help you learn to identify obstacles as well as opportunities for new choices and decisions, all in real-time, where it matters most. She will serve as your ally in recovery, and collaborative problem-solver as you re-evaluate and re-define yourself in your life. Whatever your calendar requires of you, from doctor appointments to soccer practice, social events, corporate travel or just cooking at home, she is there to support you.

​Or perhaps you would engage a Companion during a vulnerable period of your recovery or for a particular social or corporate event. Having the personal support of someone seasoned in recovery can turn an otherwise uncomfortable and vulnerable situation into a success. And It can make all the difference in building your confidence in your new lifestyle. Kathie can serve as your recovery partner through any stage of your recovery process.


Safe Transport

Travel today, can increase anxiety for even the most seasoned travelers. It can be wrought with obstacles and triggers for anyone in the early stages of recovery or for a loved one who is going through a difficult time. This is a popular time for engaging the support of a travel companion.

Safe transport is also the critical last step in a successful intervention. Once your intervention team has agreement from your loved one to enter treatment, transporting them to your treatment center needs to be executed with the greatest expedience. An aligned recovery team offers a stronger protective force throughout this particularly vulnerable early stage of the recovery process.

​Or perhaps you need out of state support with client transportation–bringing them home. Having a companion to travel with–to or from a treatment center or detox, whatever the destination, is a time of much-needed support.


Intervention Support

As the gateway to the recovery process, the Intervention holds the key. When we come to the difficult reality that our loved one no longer has the ability to reach out for help, or even realizes the need for it, a highly skilled Intervetionist is invalueable. Regardless of the addiction, a professional Interventionist will coordinate the key family members, engage them in the important decisions of the treatment options and coordinate the details of their Intervention plan.

Trained in the Intervention process, Kathie can serve as support to your Interventionist, or introduce you to one of her industry proven professionals. Regardless of which Interventionist you use, an aligned recovery team will strengthen the odds for success for treatment entry.

In-Home Concierge services for detox and custom-designed aftercare services is often a prefered path for those who require more descretion and personal care. There is also a variety of specialized treatment centers delivering the highest level of care and amenities available. Your Interventionist will offer you the best options available to choose from for your loved one.