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Who We Serve

recovery team, addiction services, sober companion, interventionist, case manager


Providing Private Family

Sober Companion & Recovery services, where ever its needed, and always with the greatest discretion.


sober companion, recovery companion, recovery coach, life coach, treatment center


Providing personal, one-on-one Recovery Companion care - the strongest after care support for your greatest progress at the most challenging times. 

recovery team, addiction services, sober companion, interventionist, case manager


Supporting Independant and Professional Recovery Teams in providing the highest level and full range of Concierge services for the whole family.

Recovery Companion Support – the missing link.

Sober Companions, or Recovery Companions have increasingly become recognized as one of the most effective aftercare services available - and for good reason.  With the ever increasing presence of alcoholism and addiction today - only accelerated by the continued challenges of Covid, engaging the specialized care of a skilled Companion for yourself or a loved one can make all the differance in achieving success through the critical, early stage recovery process.  What has often been considered an "extra" service is now being recognized as an "essential" one because it focuses the strongest support when and where its needed most, particularly for those who have suffered continued relapse.  

Treatment centers today, are preparing their clients better than ever for their transition back home. But one's ultimate success, lies in the ability to translate all that's accomplished in that protected environment, to living it, in thier lives, once at home.  It's in this vulnerable transition, or after the all too common occurance of relapse, where the real benefits of engaging the one-on-one support of a Sober Companion lies. 


With the experience garnered from 30+ years in recovery, the insights earned from working, partnering and aligning with the some of the industries most leading edge professionals, I share with every client, the certainty that enduring recovery is possible for everyone who is willing to work for it.  It's the most important journey you may ever take and one made so much easier with the right guide and support.

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