Concierge Sober Companion
& Recovery Coach Services

 Providing the strongest support -
where and when it's needed most

Fully Vaccinated 

Bonded & Insured 

Travel anywhere within the US

Honoring all Recovery & Healing modalities

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Who We Serve

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Providing Private Family

Sober Companion & Recovery services, where ever its needed, and always with the greatest discretion.


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Providing personal, one-on-one Recovery Companion care with step down to remote support to ensure your success through

 early stage recovery. 

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Supporting Independant and Professional Recovery Teams in providing the highest level of Concierge Companion care and full family support.

Recovery Companion Support –
to ensure early stage recovery success

Sober Companions, or Recovery Companions are now being recognized as one of the most effective services available today, and for good reason - they provide support in the areafor those returning home from residential treatment or have recently suffered relapsed. Treatment centers are preparing their clients better than ever for their return home.  But one's ultimate success, lies in their ability to translate all that's learned in that protected environment, t0 the actual "living" of their recovery program, once at home. 


Choosing the right Companion, can afford you the greatest support at the most vulnerable times, allowing  you to "try on" your program or for those who have relapsed, to begin again, but with close and specialized guidance to help you create the recovery program, that works for you.  There is no one size fits all so we have to find the one that fits you and fits you just right and you can only know that by living it in your life. 

With the unique expertise garnered from 30+ years in actively engaged recovery, the insights earned from working and aligning with the some of the industries most leading edge professionals, what I know today, is that there is a unique recovery program for each of us.  It's my role to help you find it, live it and change your life forever.

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