Life & Recovery Coaching Services

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Addiction Recovery 
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In-Home Concierge Detox and after care Companion services is often the preferred option for Private Families or high profile individuals requiring a higher level of privacy and discretion or simply do not want to leave the comfort and safety of their home.  There are as well, a top tier of Treatment centers offering personally designed and specialized programs - delivering the highest level of care and amenities than ever before.


Safe Transport 


     Live or Online
  Evenings or Weekends

Travel today, presents challenges never before experienced.  Traveling home with your Sober Companion affords you an extra layer of protection with personal contact.  Even under normal circumstances, traveling to or from a Treatment Center can be wrought with obstacles and triggers for anyone in the early stages of recovery or for a loved one who is going through a difficult time. 


Safe transport is also the critical last step in a successful intervention. Once your loved one has agreed to enter treatment, transport to the treatment center needs to be executed with the greatest expedience. A closely aligned Interventionist and Family team provides the strongest protective force throughout this critical first step in the recovery process.