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 Meet Kathie

" I believe there is no greater accomplishment one can achieve in their life than to overcome addiction... a place from which, yet unknown and endless possibilities will arise." - anonymous. 

I believe that quote, in fact, it serves as the motivation behind the work I do today - helping women of all ages and walks of life, find real freedom from alcoholism and addiction. There's just nothing more spectacular than to witness that transformation in a loved one who's now thriving in their life. 

I know well, the heartache of alcoholism and addiction but I also know the incredible hope found in the journey of recovery.  I'm still on it, through all of life's up and downs, 30+ years later because the possibilities really are endless.

I also know how difficult it can be for someone to find their path, their way out, no matter how hard they try.  There lies the purpose of my work today, seemingly against all odds at times, but I've been studying it, for decades now.  I understand addiction and I understand relapse.  And I know the promise of recovery is real for those who are willing to work for it. 


What I offer to all those I work with today, is the support and guidance to finding the straightest line to your way out of addiction and into a whole new way of life.  


Industry Certification & Training

   CCAR Certification

  • Certified Recovery Coach

   The Addictions Academy 

  • Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional​

Specialty Certification & Training

Dr. Michael Lukens, PhD

Creator of The Physics of Emotion(ing)

  • Specialty Coach Certification 

Conciege Addiction Services to include:

Sober Companion, Virtual Companion,

Recovery & Life Coaching, Case Management. 


You may contract me directly for long or short term Companion & Coaching services, 

or find me on an array of Professional Recovery Teams for limited term services.

Sober Companion  & Recovery Coach Support

 Full-time Companion Care to Part-time, Live or Remote Support for your greatest Success 

Concierge Hospital Detox

Concierge In-Home Detox

Intervention Services

Treatment Facility Placement

Addiction Specialty Clinical & Medical Providers 

Recovery Homes  - Long & Short Term

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