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 Life Coaching Services

A woman hiking in the forest, looking up at a mountain with a blue sky. She is wearing a black coat, a red hat, and a yellow and black backpack. She appears to be feeling better after working with a life coach and recovery support companion to address her struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Life Coaching to Support Your life's Journey  

Many years ago, a friend of mine, said it best, "Everyone should have a Life Coach or a Therapist or both.  Who can do without that kind of support in their life?  

She was right. We are complex beings, and its just not easy trying to figure out what's going on inside of us. It is, however, the only place where real change occurs - from the inside. And there's nothing more empowering and freeing, than experiencing "change" from within, when you finally discover what kept you stuck or held you back no matter how hard you tried. It's a thing of beauty, that "shift" that you feel inside when you come to understand yourself. In fact, it can feel like coming home. Sometimes, for the first time.


By being guided through a compassionate process of self exploration, one you understand, you begin to find yourself, your truth and your way forward. Maybe even a new way to live - from the inside out. 

How We Life Coach Together

In addition to guiding you in the exploration and discovery of solutions to your current challenges or goals, (the current model for Coaching and Therapy), I also offer you the option to learn the method, as we work together.  What took me 30 years to ultimately discover, is yours to learn and apply in your life, long after our work is done. Its just an option available to you at any point.  You will gain the benefits of the method, regardless, as I seamlessly apply it to achieving your goals during our time together.

I know today that we are all designed with an "inner guidance system", a means of self understanding, an inner navigation system that provides us with the ability to recognize, correct and heal from that which has gone amiss in the events of our lives or our early development.  We were all naturally designed with the ability to correct, you just have to be introduced to the brilliance of your systems.  Life happens and imperfect we are but our systems were perfectly designed to always steer us back to health and well being.   


Then you are participating and advocating in maintaining your own heath, and working with your Coach or Therapist is exponentially more productive.  Because who couldn't use that kind of support in our lives?      

Pricing & Packages

All major credit cards are accepted -

No fee options include Zelle or a one time payment link from Chase

Additional payment options - Paypal 

 Let's get Started! New Client Discounts

New Client
First Session
$95 (from $110)


New Client
3 Session Promo
$270 (save $60)

Single & Multi Session Discounts

Single Session
$ 110 per hr


5 Sessions
$475 (save $75)

 Scheduling & Payment

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A stylized image of a blue lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The image may represent the guidance and support provided by Kathie Oremus, a life coach and recovery support companion and the owner of "Life and Recovery Support Services" as the blue lotus represents the idea of growth and transformation in a serene and peaceful way, particularly addressing addiction, anxiety, and depression issues.
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