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 Life Coaching Services

A woman hiking in the forest, looking up at a mountain with a blue sky. She is wearing a black coat, a red hat, and a yellow and black backpack. She appears to be feeling better after working with a life coach and recovery support companion to address her struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Life Coaching to Support Your life's Journey  

I remember many years ago, a good friend said to me, "Everyone should have a Coach or a Therapist or both. Why wouldn't they?  Who couldn't use more support in their life?  

She was right, although not for the reason that people usually do.  I was lucky to learn early in life, that there were people who understood what I didn't, about what was going on inside of me. It's the only place where real change occurs anyway - from the inside out.  And there's nothing more empowering and freeing, than experiencing change from within. In fact, it can feel like coming home.  Sometimes, for the first time. You can read all the books in the world about it, but until you try it on for yourself, you'll never know. 

                               Good for you for taking up the most interesting exploration there is anyway!

How We Work Together

You have options. My method, which is unlike most in a couple of ways, gives you an additional and valuable choice in what you can accomplish during our time together.

In addition to helping you to explore, understand and find solutions to your current challenge(s), (the current model used for Coaching and Therapy), I also offer you the option to learn the Method I use, so you may develop your own "inner guidance system" of self navigation and ability to create your own changes in yourself and your life.  


In this respect, I will help you "Catch the fish" (find solutions to your present challenge(s), but I can also help you "Learn to Fish", if you decide you are interested in doing so, at any point. 


One often leads to the other, but it doesn't have to. You will receive the benefits, regardless, as I seamlessly apply my method to accomplishing your goals in our work together. 

Pricing & Packages

  Let's get Started! - 3 Session Package - Promotional Pricing

3 Session - $275 (save $55)

The 3 Session Package, (discounted from $330), provides us an ideal timeframe to clarify your goals, allow you the time to share your personal experiences and history and begin to explore ideas and solutions as your understanding of the process and yourself grow with each session.

 Single & Multi Session Discounts

Single Session  -  $110.00 per Session
5 Session Package   -   $100 per Session

 Scheduling & Payment

Let's find a convenient time to schedule you first, then we'll initiate billing

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